The Highest Paying Nurse Specialties


Nursing can be ones calling or just an occupation, but still financial requirements have to be met and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle also. Getting an MSN degree as a way of furthering your education gives you a great balance which can land you a high paying job professionally in the nurse specialties sector.

Corresponding to a article which cumulated data from the Bureau of Statistics it shows the highest paying nurse specialist as listed below:

  1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  2. General Nurse Practitioner
  3. Gerontology Nurse Practitioner
  4. Pain Management Nurse
  5. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  6. Certified Nurse Midwife

Below are some ways on how to learn about careers and their pay and how those involved in them can maximize their earning potential as the above careers will be examined:


The CRNAs work with surgeons and other doctors to provide anesthesia for patients, they make a minimum of $164,000 as shown by the Bureau of Labor Statistics however, in other states the pay of Anesthetist are relatively higher. Montana offers the highest salary for CRNAs the pay is within $242,000. In Wyoming and California CRNAs often make a little over $2000,000 per year.

An article the business insider talks about why nurse anesthetist make huge amount of money in quotes a professional in this field ‘‘you need to be extremely educated, highly motivated and extremely oriented and equally you need to be extremely personable.’’


Data from the BLS demands that general nurse practitioners who strive to assist patient achieve perfect health make a minimum above $104,000 per year likewise the cases with other nursing specialties the pay ranges from one state to another though the highest paying state is California with the annual mean pay of over $124,000.

Factors affecting the NPs includes whether the state allowing them to practice without physician overseeing and their level of expertise.


Nurse journal records this career that deals with care of the elderly patients as the sixth highest paying nurse specialty. Its pay is within the ranges of $70,000 and $90,000 per annum. A different nurse journal added that extra skills such as being able to speak multiple languages can cause pay increase in their profession over $1000,000.

There is a possibility of wage increase for gerontology nurses as their use in their profession rises. An article from  Scrubs Mag quotes ‘’By 2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to be at least 83 million more than double the numbers of senior citizens in 2012.This ongoing growth of the population of people over 65 has led to concerns about gerontology nursing shortage. ’’

  1. PAIN MANAGEMENT NURSE notes that the minimum wage for pain management nurses who specialize in therapies to ease chronic pain is a little above $90,000 annually. The reason behind the high pay is partly because these nurses are flexible that is they work in a number of health care setting including school, hospitals, clinical facilities, rehabilitation centre and nursing homes.

A statistics seen on  states that roughly 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain which is almost four times the number of people suffering from diabetes and almost 10 times the number of people suffering from cancer.


According to psychiatric nurse practitioners make as much as pain management nurses but according to pay scale the minimum pay for the profession is almost $98,000 annually however, the most paid psychiatric nurse practitioners make over $140,000 yearly.

An article from the American psychiatric nurse association states ‘’At times the role of a psychiatric nurse with a master’s degree may extend to that of a psychologist.’’ This career may seem challenging like all nursing profession but it can offer significant personal and monetary rewards.


Certified nurse midwives do more than help during delivering of babies, they can equally provide full range of primary care for women. According to the Bureau of labor statistic, people in profession take in a minimum wage a little above $102,000 per annum. California, Iowa and new Jersey are the highest paying states for this profession. Nurse midwives might work in hospitals or private clinics. Some choose to open their own practices.

The search for all types of nursing jobs may be promising but it is especially so for nurse midwives. According to the Bureau of labor statistics a growth rate of 31% is expected in the future. This rate is higher than the minimum rate for all professions, it is faster than the growth rate of registered nurses which the BLS project at 16 percent.


There are other areas of specialization for nurses that can offer substantial payments some of those listed in the’s article along with their minimum payment include:

  • Family Nurse Practitioners who focus on primary care for families -$84,240 per year
  • Information Nurses who manage health care data and technology -$83,000 per year
  • Clinical Nurse Specialist who can provide direct care within a number of different specialties -$79,064 per year
  • Nurses who focus on caring for children are also paid well like pediatric endocrinology nurses earn an average of $81,000 per year according to scrubs mag.

Nurse’s getting paid depends on some reasons such as their employer, experience, state regulations and the nurses certification may all come into play when determining the pay and not their title as a nurse.


As a nurse the need to further your education to increase your paycheck however thinking about more than just the better increase in your pay is wiser for instance a gerontology nurse gets paid well but there is a possibility of facing more emotional challenges than other forms of nursing. Understanding yourself and your interest should come first in deciding which area to specialize in.

Having decided to get an advanced degree pick an institution that takes care of your needs and gives you the best kind of education.

If you are a nurse, you may be thinking about furthering your education in order to augment your paycheck. However, it might be wise if you think about more than the potential increase in pay. For example, while gerontology nurses get paid well, they might face emotional challenges that occur less often in other forms of nursing. Understanding yourself and your interests can be an important first step in deciding which specialty you want to pursue.

Once you’ve decided to earn an advanced nursing degree, choose a school that caters to your needs and provides you with a quality education. Learn more about Maryville University’s Online Master of Science in nursing degree program. We offer five specialties, including adult gerontology primary care, adult gerontology acute care, psychiatric mental health, pediatric primary care, and family nurse practitioner.

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